Thursday, 31 December 2009

Peace and Love

I guess i've really done it this time - MIA for almost 2 months, that's gotta be record. But its the last freaking day of the year, so even such an extended AWOL like mine has got to have an end.

So i'm back...

But first, apologies:
I know it was really effed-up the way i just went missing - posting that Embarassing Moments story, and then puff! I'm sorry Blogsville, its just that my life took some crazy turns.

- my salary was delayed for 4months
- my rig allowance was delayed for 3months (since September!), so i was basically FLAT-ASS BROKE from October to mid-December (which is when it was finally paid)
- my Nokia 5200 phone (which doubles as my modem) suddenly developed problems 2weeks ago, and the PC suite no longer recognizes the phone.
- 8 days ago, Total Nigeria sent me an IV for a post-graduate scholarship test; i've been studyng like crazy ever since
- and the coup de grace, my laptop hard-drive crashed some 4 days ago. I've formatted the C-drive and re-installed my old programs and docs, so the laptop is pretty okay-dokay now.

So, here's to all of you who still checked me out even when i was as dormant as a hibernating mole: SugarK, MyneW, Fabulola, and Taatababe - THANK YOU!!
And especially to my own Ada-bekee: Nne, o teela, mana ugbua a lotala m.

Happy New Year everyone!