Wednesday, 23 September 2009

All about Oluchi...

I've been thinking about Oluchi. Maybe its cos I've thinking about marriage and all the girls i've known.

Oluchi is the only other girl besides Z that i've ever really admitted to myself that i actually love - or should i say, loved. I met Oluchi during my matric ceremony in FUTO - we were both matriculating, actually. My dad knew her mum - turned out we were from the same villa - so, we were introduced. I didn't see Oluchi again until weeks later when i ran into her at a buka with one of my course-mates, Bola; they were room-mates. Problem was I'd forgotten who she was, so Bola had to re-introduce us again, lol. We chatted for a while about this and that, exchanged room numbers (phone numbers and handsets were still in the future) with Bola playing match-maker in the background.... and that was it.

Oluchi and I weren't exactly close, but we had this... i dunno, special crazy connection - i'd start a sentence and she'd finish it, using the very same words i had in mind - damn, it WAS crazy. My friends knew it, her friends knew; it was all over the two of us. And then....

And then, i asked her to be my girlfriend.

And she said "no".

And i asked "why?"

And she said cos she's engaged.

And i asked to whom.

And she started telling me this dog-bites-chicken story of some dude somewhere far far away.... She was lying - she knew it, i knew it and she knew i knew it - but i was too hurt to pursue the issue. I was too hurt... I'd prepared for days for this, i was so sure, the signs were all there... I was numb with hurt. But hey, life goes on right? So i went away, bearing away my rejected heart - i don't know how to put this, how to explain in words what it felt like. I couldn't think straight for days.

Oluchi was sorry - really, really sorry - giving me the "we-can-still-be-friends" line. Fcuk that, i said; 2nd place is for suckers. But Oluchi persisted - bless her heart - she kept on calling and checking on me until i relented, and we became more or less friends again. Whatever the fcuk that was.

We got close again in final year; that was 4 years later and i was now... well, i wasn't the good boy i used to be anymore. But Oluchi didn't seem to mind, guess she took me just the way i was. She'd just moved off-campus and her house was somehow close to mine - but it wasn't the same any more. Rejection isn't something one forgets easily, plus i now had a string of girlfriends. Ok, maybe not a whole string, but definitely a handful, yep. Oluchi invited me to her place one night. I went. But nothing happened - i liked Oluchi too much for just a one-night stand, but my pride wouldn't let me get back together with her. Plus there was now this girl i really liked a lot. So i went away, and....

And the next day, Oluchi got herself a new boyfriend. Hell's gat no fury as a woman scorned. But there's one question i still can't wrap my head around to this day: Why did Oluchi refuse me when i was her's to keep??

All that is history now shaa. Oluchi is married now; she gave birth late last year. We still call each other, and she still laughs at my jokes. But sometimes, i wonder...

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


More than a week ago, i posted that my life was going into a down-ward spiral; well, guess what? SALVATION!! Hahaha! I've been saved! Okay, i better calm down and talk like a grown-up... tehheeehee!

Ok, here's the jek: I'VE BEEN MOVED TO A NEW UNIT - HYDROSURVEY!! Yeah baby! No more load-outs in the middle of the night or on sunday morning; no more crazy asshole-of-a-trainee-manager hanging on my case (yes o, shebi i promised to tell y'all about him sometime? No worry, jist dey flenty-flenty); eh-ehe, no more 24hrs suit-up in smelly cover-alls and RedWing boots (i kinda miss that one shaa... in a funny sorta way - and i miss my pal Alex); well, no more of all that. Its a whole new unit for moi, and i'm loving it!

Okay, okay, msheeeeww, wasn't i supposed to calm down?

You must be wondering what's so exciting about Hydrosurvey, right? Well, its cos it's in line with my career path - i did geophysics, see - and the unit is into deep-sea bathymetric surveys and offshore rig-move jobs for major E&P's, big-time. So if i shine my eye well-well, this dude could be scooping in offshore out-of-station allowances in no time. Plus my career is back online again; i'm already teaching moiself AutoCAD; get the cert into the bag, move unto another prog, and the sky is the limit. Hahaa, its Salvation baby!!!

See, thing is, i should've been posted to the unit immediately after the Graduate Programme, but issues came up... you know, stupid intra-company naija-mentality ish, plus i don already collect reputation for being a stubborn mule before. But level don pure now.

But dem dey still owe me o!!! lol! Management promises before the week's over shaa; walahi, if dem renege on that, mehn some people so see pepper o.

And to all the bee-yotiful bee-yotiful naija-ninjas who took time to console during my period of agonizing distress (chai, supu oyibo ka mmadu nwuru! lol!) - chybabe, ManC, Ada bekee, Rep_1, Myne Whitman and Solomonsydelle - thanks a lot mehn, y'all are an Army of Angels.

Abeg my people, it's almost 8pm, i wan run go house before security lock me in, i go yarn una the full step-by-step tori as soon as i get my house online conn up again - which is unitl pay enter bank, lol! For now i dey peesh for company systems - who no like awoof? :D

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Swing Low...

First things first; thanks to all the nice folks who suggested ways to handle my August visitor and kid bros - miss.fab, fabulola, Ada-bekee, Dark Neo (mehn, that bribe idea really worked!), chybabe, duffie-gurl - thanks a lot. In fact, i should have updated you guys earlier, my bad, i'm really on a bad swing low now...

Well ina nutshell, Z came on friday evening as planned, i picked her up with a taxi-drop (i no get car naw, wetin home-boy go do?); she wanted to meet #2 (my bros), so the sharp guy was still around. We went home; she met #2, and they took to each other like bread and butter - of course my laser beams were on high alert in case bros over-dos it, lol. Ok, we hanged out wiv a coupla my friends; babe doesn't drink, hates the smell of cigarette - in fact i had to drag her out, almost spoiled the fun - #2 went home wiv one of my guys, i don already arrange im side, im go from there go exile.... See, hapu ogologo bekee; grown men don't kiss and tell (according to Robby Scribbles aka Mayor of Blogsterbridge aka "Let's Go There!!"), but mehn its good to have a good mamacita, mmmh, see congo! By sunday morning i was wondering if this is what it was like to be married.

Ahh... Z's gone shaa, she left monday morning - and i was like 3 hours late for work; #2 came back on tuesday, and evrything is back to its normal blah status. Damn.

See folks, i shoulda posted all this days ago, but i just couldn't summon the effort. Now before y'all start empathizing, let me state categorically: It Is Has Absolutely NOTHING To Do With The Mamacita Gone Home, okay?? Nothing! It just that my whole life is on this swing low parabola, and i'm getting sick and tired of trying to hitch it all up.

I've been owed salaries for two months.

I lent the bulk of my savings to a close family member; i'm yet to get my dough back.

My investment plans have been stalled.

I'm really, really unhappy. I think i'm gonna be away for a while, i think...

I never wanted to mention all this, but i didn't want my silence and absence to be misunderstood. See, i know i'm gonna pull through all these ish; its just the time, the TIME that's paining me - i'm never gonna get back yesterday again.

Oh shit, look at me whining all over blogsville, abeg don't be sad for me o, i'm a survivor!