Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Last Night...

Hi peeps, howz your new month going? Mine just dey crawl by nga ahu there.

Now, about my last post, almost everyone wanted to know what my replies to Z were like. Ok, i've dragged and dragged, but the honest to God truth is that i don't have them anymore... yes, i deleted them. Now, now, before you shout me down as a two-timing, cheat-ass muther-effing bastard, PLEASE HEAR ME OUT! I keep the SMS's i get from Z (every one of them, God and my nokia phone are my witnesses!), and Z keeps the ones i send to her - i don't like piling up text msgs in my Sent folder, and i suspect Z's like that, too. Ok, that's lame, "suspect"... but c'mon peeps, the thing is Z loves her freedom, and i respect that - that's why i don't go checking all the SMS in her phone and cross-referencing them with mine. Lol! But this much i can tell y'all: my texts to Z were EVERY inch as expressive as hers to me.

Here's a poem i wrote for Z some four years ago. I actually wrote this from memory - couldn't get the original, probably buried somewhere deep under my pile of graduate notes - i'm sure i missed a word or two in more'n three places, and the last verse wasn't properly saved on my biological hard-drive, i'm afraid :) Just tell me what you think.


Last night,
And the night before
I sat out, watching
A starless sky
While a shy baby-moon
Stayed away.
Wrapped up in my sweaters, and
Listening to my juke-box's
Midnight blues,
I thought of you
My baby-boo.

I thought
What wonderful, crazy lines
You and I loop.
What melody -
What symphony -
You and I do:
Me doing the bass,
You doing the treble,
While Mother Nature completes
The orchestra.

Later, going to bed
I hoped that you,
Dear Beautiful Brown Eyes,
Slept in a world
Full of smiles...

- kay9


Myne Whitman said...

Awwwwww, Kay9 is a romantic...

There I was thinking you were a hard headed engineer. The poem is too sweet.

Neo said...

got ur link frm my blog n decided to stop by then i saw that u were a PH boy then i have come and see the poem and came to the conclusion that u are an immigrant. PH men are nt romantic at all.

still nice, thanks for stoppin by, i'm doin much berra now.

Nice Anon said...

But hey go for it will full force. I dey with you. Love is beautiful o! Awwwww

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Really good one...love it

chayoma said...

*Sniff sniff*


Ugandan girl said...

First time here..love the peom it just simply beautiful

kay9 said...

@MyneW: i AM a hard-headed engineer, too! this is just my... err, not-so-hard side.

@Neo: now, wait, wait... its just a poem! Does that make me romantic? Thanx fer swinging by shaa

@Ada-bekee: Fraud? What fraud? Abeg odighi onye m "de-fraud" o

@Harry: thanx!!

@chy-babe: really? ee-yah, dont cry...

@UG gurl: Do come by again; glad u liked it!

miss.fab said...

Omg I loved this! LOOOOOVE IT!!!! Especially the 2nd verse. In fact I am so stealing it. Awww. I'm sure she loved it too. Eya!!!

kay9 said...

@miss.fab: Plagiarism! come pay copy right fee o!

blogoratti said...

Nice read.

Repressed One said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW how incredibly cute...4yrs ago, you said?? Una don dey drag this tin for that long?? very nice!!

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