Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Constant Tin Soldier

Nnaa mehhhn, i can't remember when last my life was this busy; fact is, i'm not even sure i've ever been this busy. Shooo! Come see work o. From 8am to 5pm, i dey inside cover-alls dey sling drill-pipes, run from one inspection company to another to check status of our tools. And when it's not that, na so-so run up and down, photocopy this, laminate that, update this file, update that one, type up that report, arrange tool-list for this load-out, prepare delivery note...

For the last two weeks i've been at my work-place EVERYDAY - saturdays and sundays included! The last time i complained to HR (that was like four months ago, while i was still on their stupid training), my boss heard of it and read me the Riot Act. Kay9, please explain to me in very simple terms what you meant by "being over-worked". In fact, i want it in writing, in black-and-white! Put it in writing what exactly you meant by "being over-worked", because i really don't understand that phrase. And i want it on my desk within 10 minutes! I was stunned. Chineke lekwa! Is this what happens when people complain around here?? Nnaa, jee-jeely, i typed up the letter with "i'm very sorry" and "i sincerely and humbly apologize" all over the place, and submitted to him. Thankfully, it ended there. I learnt my lesson shaa; if you don't like the system, kindly hand in your resignation letter. What with economic crunch and all, the resignation letter will be gladly accepted.

But my wahala no end for office o, PH itself come be another ye-ye useless town join. Come see hold-up! Morning, afternoon, night - twenty-fcking-four hours of the day! By the time i get home, it's already like 6.30 - 7pm. I'm already gassed-out; the only thing in my head is to go to bed. I close my eyes, next thing it's 5.30am and my nokia phone alarm is screeching its head off. Grudgingly - grudgingly, see, coz if i waste time, my colleague's car will leave without me, and then o kara m njo. (lol) So grudgingly, i get up, brush, bathe, dress up, wait for the car, then on to the waiting traffic jam. The life of the Constant Tin Soldier; even eke-uke never had it this bad. I no even get time for my precious blogsville. O dikwa somehow!


Philip Jo said...

Nna,o otu ph di o! Holdup every day! the thing is so tiresome.Were ya nwayo nwayo.

Brokeass said...

Nne...when u decide u no want ur job again biko..holla at a sista..lemme know where to send my resume.

miss.fab said...

I read something once... that we spend all day at work so we can afford the apartment that we barely live in so we can have a place to sleep before going to work - or something like that. But it is so so true

Pele oh my brother

Repressed One said...

Nna ndo o...gisike!! At least you get job even tho you no get time to enjoy the fruit of ya Keep ya head up!

Nice Anon said...

Jisike ooh. Odighi easy

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