Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Na Who Born D Magga??

Walahi,this one was too mush! I just couldn't stomach it, i had to break my "blog-fast" to post this.

Abeg, how many of y'all read the Guardian Newspaper last sunday? Renown columnist and intrepid journalist, Reuben Abati, woke up in the morning and decided he needed to widen his scope of journalistic activity. Guess were he decided to re-test his writing skills? The Nigerian music industry (can you imagine it?!). Well, little did he know he was officially on a long ting. I mean, i respect Mr. Abati's blunt and smart analysis of our nation political/socio-economic terrain (i no go lie, d guy na one smart journalist), but mehnn, Oga Reuben really blew it this time. Wtf was he thinking writing that - excuse my french - bullshit?? Anyway shaa, i won't start repeating the 95% crap he wrote now (you can read it here if you want), but basically - summarily - inna nutshell, the magga just has an issue with naija hip-hop. Talk about a GENERATION gap.

Ok, so i thought i was the only dude pissed off, hahahahaa, little did i know what storm was brewing. First thing monday morning, Banky W (a.k.a Mr Capable) replied with a well-thought out rejoinder. God, it was su-weeeet! And the best thing was my man Banky just stayed respectful and diplomatic (no brother-hating and dissing and all that shit). Me love you, Bankii!

Not so with "Big-Boy" el Dee; nna-eh, the nwa-guy use Baba Abati wipe floor o! I read his response to Abati on, and LWKMD! Chineke, elDee vex no be small.

But the final funeral ceremony to Mr. Abati's piece, however, happened on (yep, you guessed right!) (for the record, nairalanders are crazy; you just don't f**k with'em) My people for Blogsville, unu hu ihe NLers mere dis guy, they finish the man eh, nothing remain again! I laffed so hard, my stomach began to hurt. One poster put it very quaintly: E don be for Abati! Seriously, i started feeling sorry for the old fella; Abati isn't a kid in the world of journalism, why in God's name did he have to go and write such shit? Any idiot would've known crap like that was gonna hit naija youths on the crazy nerve.

Well, one last thing before i sign off: Shit like this is the reason lizards shouldn't try to fly. Damn it, nyagga, stick to whachu know best!


Brokeass said...

Serious generation gap.
And such a closed mind too?

miss.fab said...

Yinkuslolo mentioned this on her blog the other day and the bloggers that commented pretty much said the same thing.

Abati isn't a kid in the world of journalism, why in God's name did he have to go and write such shit? - That was my biggest problem with his commentary. For someone with so much "experience" in the industry, he should know that (1) you don't just get up and criticize generational trends, and using such a fickle argument at that, and (2) you don't underestimate your opponent. Those two and forums and blogs everywhere pretty much tore his entire argument apart.


akaBagucci said...

Perhaps -- we too are guilty of the knee jerk reaction that Abati himself was guilty of..... I did find though that Dr Abati raised quite a few valid questions on the subject of National Identity and the brand promotion that goes on as music... which none of the responses I have read so far adequately tackled. Perhaps, he erred in fingering the wrong root causes to the problem, generalizing and not properly researching his material. But jumping to a totally visceral response is exactly what he expects from my generation...

Truth be told, perhaps Naija and Naija and Gidi possibly have done a whole lot more to raise our national pride than anything his generation has done.. but that doesn't mean that we should be totally dismissive of everything he said...

kay9 said...

@Brokeass: Tell am!

@miss.fab: Checked out Yinkuslolo's blog; i totally concur their views.

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