Wednesday, 16 September 2009


More than a week ago, i posted that my life was going into a down-ward spiral; well, guess what? SALVATION!! Hahaha! I've been saved! Okay, i better calm down and talk like a grown-up... tehheeehee!

Ok, here's the jek: I'VE BEEN MOVED TO A NEW UNIT - HYDROSURVEY!! Yeah baby! No more load-outs in the middle of the night or on sunday morning; no more crazy asshole-of-a-trainee-manager hanging on my case (yes o, shebi i promised to tell y'all about him sometime? No worry, jist dey flenty-flenty); eh-ehe, no more 24hrs suit-up in smelly cover-alls and RedWing boots (i kinda miss that one shaa... in a funny sorta way - and i miss my pal Alex); well, no more of all that. Its a whole new unit for moi, and i'm loving it!

Okay, okay, msheeeeww, wasn't i supposed to calm down?

You must be wondering what's so exciting about Hydrosurvey, right? Well, its cos it's in line with my career path - i did geophysics, see - and the unit is into deep-sea bathymetric surveys and offshore rig-move jobs for major E&P's, big-time. So if i shine my eye well-well, this dude could be scooping in offshore out-of-station allowances in no time. Plus my career is back online again; i'm already teaching moiself AutoCAD; get the cert into the bag, move unto another prog, and the sky is the limit. Hahaa, its Salvation baby!!!

See, thing is, i should've been posted to the unit immediately after the Graduate Programme, but issues came up... you know, stupid intra-company naija-mentality ish, plus i don already collect reputation for being a stubborn mule before. But level don pure now.

But dem dey still owe me o!!! lol! Management promises before the week's over shaa; walahi, if dem renege on that, mehn some people so see pepper o.

And to all the bee-yotiful bee-yotiful naija-ninjas who took time to console during my period of agonizing distress (chai, supu oyibo ka mmadu nwuru! lol!) - chybabe, ManC, Ada bekee, Rep_1, Myne Whitman and Solomonsydelle - thanks a lot mehn, y'all are an Army of Angels.

Abeg my people, it's almost 8pm, i wan run go house before security lock me in, i go yarn una the full step-by-step tori as soon as i get my house online conn up again - which is unitl pay enter bank, lol! For now i dey peesh for company systems - who no like awoof? :D


Fabulo-la said...

You de peesh? lol

Congrats on the new job!

chayoma said...

Congrats oh
*do a swirl*

Now if only some of this luck wld rub on moi

akaBagucci said...

congrats mehn..... no allow the coverall dull you o!

kay9 said...

@fabulola: I still dey peesh o! lol! Money neva dey to reactivate my laptop internet conn.

@chybabe: abeg do that swirl again; Shakira ain't gat shit on you!

@DannyB: omo thanx o! See, i actually love my coveralls; i love workig in 'em, i love getting dirty in 'em; the wahala na the mumu unit wey i been dey before: Rentals Ops. Faulty/inadequate equipments evrywhere, plus the "trainee-manager" who's head i'm still dreaming of busting...

miss.fab said...

Halleluyah for salvation!!! Congrats on the new job o. And I just read your post on your visitor... hahahaha sharply handled! Lol. Nice!

Nice Anon said...

Bia gini ka aha gi n'eme that bachelors thing? I will wound you! Wetin happen to our in law that came to visit? Only single men need apply.

Congrats on your job nwanne m oo. My very own 5! Way to go!

kay9 said...

@miss.fab: thanx jare! about Z, you suppose know say i don be sharp-guy b4-b4!

@Ada-bekee: Nne relax for Onyenweanyi, we neva carry palmwine for visitor nau. Abeg i qualify put jare sef; in fact make sure you vote for me o!

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