Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Swing Low...

First things first; thanks to all the nice folks who suggested ways to handle my August visitor and kid bros - miss.fab, fabulola, Ada-bekee, Dark Neo (mehn, that bribe idea really worked!), chybabe, duffie-gurl - thanks a lot. In fact, i should have updated you guys earlier, my bad, i'm really on a bad swing low now...

Well ina nutshell, Z came on friday evening as planned, i picked her up with a taxi-drop (i no get car naw, wetin home-boy go do?); she wanted to meet #2 (my bros), so the sharp guy was still around. We went home; she met #2, and they took to each other like bread and butter - of course my laser beams were on high alert in case bros over-dos it, lol. Ok, we hanged out wiv a coupla my friends; babe doesn't drink, hates the smell of cigarette - in fact i had to drag her out, almost spoiled the fun - #2 went home wiv one of my guys, i don already arrange im side, im go from there go exile.... See, hapu ogologo bekee; grown men don't kiss and tell (according to Robby Scribbles aka Mayor of Blogsterbridge aka "Let's Go There!!"), but mehn its good to have a good mamacita, mmmh, see congo! By sunday morning i was wondering if this is what it was like to be married.

Ahh... Z's gone shaa, she left monday morning - and i was like 3 hours late for work; #2 came back on tuesday, and evrything is back to its normal blah status. Damn.

See folks, i shoulda posted all this days ago, but i just couldn't summon the effort. Now before y'all start empathizing, let me state categorically: It Is Has Absolutely NOTHING To Do With The Mamacita Gone Home, okay?? Nothing! It just that my whole life is on this swing low parabola, and i'm getting sick and tired of trying to hitch it all up.

I've been owed salaries for two months.

I lent the bulk of my savings to a close family member; i'm yet to get my dough back.

My investment plans have been stalled.

I'm really, really unhappy. I think i'm gonna be away for a while, i think...

I never wanted to mention all this, but i didn't want my silence and absence to be misunderstood. See, i know i'm gonna pull through all these ish; its just the time, the TIME that's paining me - i'm never gonna get back yesterday again.

Oh shit, look at me whining all over blogsville, abeg don't be sad for me o, i'm a survivor!


chayoma said...

u r gonna make it!
Atleast u can look back on a great weekend huh!

i was actually hoping on in depth details but... since u swinging low right now, it can wait....
cheer up mate, it aint the end of the world yet
u just have to Do something to please u. Sometimes be SELFISH! that's the way u can remain sane in this ever so demanding world of ours :)
we r here for u

ManCee said...

Yeah, we'll wait for the 'dirt dirty' lol.

They say the best way to lose a friend is to lend them money o. lol

Hope your investment plans get back on track...I know few things irk a man worse than money worries.
Safe man.

kay9 said...

@chybabe: in-depth details?? Bad gurl! Howz school?

@ManC: Thanx dude; that "dirt dirty" is gonna take a while tho (****smile)

Nice Anon said...

you're welcome.Please let us know if this Z is the last bus stop oh and if she is then do what's right.

Repressed One said...

Eh ya...sorry to hear about this swing low phase. Everything will be on the up and up soonest...being owed salary has to suck major. Gisike o!

Myne Whitman said...

Sorry about all the things dragging you down Hope to see you swinging high one of these days soon.


kay9, keep your head up, bros. No condition is permanent.

kay9 said...

I'm so so sorry for my late replies to all yo bee-yootiful words of wisdom, apologies, apologies...

@Ada bekee: lol! This girl sef, yo mind is on fast-forward, ah-ah! Relax for Jesus... :D

@Rep_1: ***singing: "Capenter, Brick-layer, uwa bu ndoli-ndoli... (life na jeje)

@MyneW: Sure thing, dearie.

@Solomonsydelle: Yup, that's what i told myself too ;)

Thanx for swinging by, y'all!!

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