Saturday, 9 January 2010

Test... and other ish

Okaaaaay! So i just wrote Total's scholarship test. Mmmmh! I don't know if i'll pass o, make una pray for me. The host said to check emails some 7-8 days from today; me i just wished they'll mark it already and let me off this stupid tension. This one don pass shaa; the next stage is an interview with Total executives and the reps from the instution for the program. We'll get there when we get there. Ahem!

But mehn, that test hard o, SHL stuff, VERY little time; then come see me writing at blitzering speed like the devil and all his children and great-grand children where right behind me, LOL.... O'boy, some pple really amused me at the centre. Like one guy who came with three pencils (we'd been instructed to come with pencils, erasers and calculators); the test host had to ask him if he was planning to open a super-market!

Well, in other news, i found this really funny spoof video by someone called Gbenga Salu. The video takes a comical look at the black-listing of good old Naija by the U.S. Enjoy and tell me what you think!

Hitler Defends Nigeria!!


sweetness said...

Good luck with the Exam
i heard those exams are usually tough
Ul ace it by Gods Grace
yes oh our own good naija
is now a terrorist country

Myne Whitman said...

Good luck with the test and I do pray you get to the end and into the program.

I saw that vid on FB and laughed my head off...

Nice Anon said...

5M You will do well AMEN!

Hopefully things will come together. Keep us posted on it all. Ke kwanu?

kay9 said...

@sweetness: thanks dear.

@MyneW: thanks jare; that Gbenga guy is really crazy. "By the way, i still want my pounded yam..." :D

@Ada-bekee: what can i say? i di ok, i guess. Will just have watch my mail.

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