Monday, 11 January 2010

Under Construction

I wrote this poem two years ago towards the end of my NYSC program - i was worried sick about getting a job and striking out on my own... It felt like being kicked out the house, you know, and i was scared about what the future had for me. I'm pretty much ok now, of course, but my life-building is still way far from being completed.

I’m at work on my building
I’m at work on my life;
Tomorrow will be better, they say
But for now, its still night.
Working by candlelight on
The mistakes of yonder years
I clean up the angles of my ambition
And straighten my building-plan.

Talent ain’t enough
You need lots of luck
’Cos it’s hardest at the foundations
Setting rods of sweat and hardwork;
Mixing mortars of expense, and
Laying brick after painful brick
I work on past the lintels
Aiming for the lime lights.

Sometimes I want to
Hang my tools, follow the sway
Just curl up in bed, and
Cry the night away.
But I ain’t slacking, ain't slacking
Not till my life is roofed, and I
Pull up my poor, battered, jagged
Rugged construction post.

My life is under construction
Growing from a boy to a man
And the working team is made up
Of Me, Myself, and I.


Myne Whitman said...

Hmm, you write good poetry. This was so realistic. I'm sure most of us have found ourselves at this point one time or the other. Mostly sef, we're never completed..

Nice Anon said...

Goes to show the uncertainties in life. Nice one bro

kay9 said...

@MyneW: Thanx a million! To be actually praised by a writer, wow, i think i might singing "hallelujah!"...

@Ada-bekee: Thanks jare. But really, doesn't life just suck?

SHE said...

I like the analogy. Nice!

kay9 said...

@SHE: happy u do! thanx fer stopping by.

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