Friday, 19 February 2010

... and it is titled: "Hmmm."

-- As usual, Naija is in the news again... for the bad reasons. "BBC traces scam computer to Nigeria". I don't know how true the report is, but as a friend posted on Nairaland one thing is pretty clear: the Nigerian flag is current logo for internet scams - somebody say hi to Columbia (drug trafficking) and Italy (organized crime) :D  Hmmm.

 -- Ok, so the first trip to see our erstwhile out-of-station president was thwarted by the eminent 1st lady, Turai Y'all-a-Dull (a.k.a Lady Macbeth), a second contingent is now being assembled again. Meanwhile, the report of the first group is yet to be submitted to the House of Reps (it's worthlessness not withstanding) a WHOLE FRIGGING WEEK after they came back. Why, you may ask; because - wait for it! - because two members of the trip are YET to come back and append their signatures to the report  - one detoured off for a vacation in Dubai (on who's account???) while another stalked of to Spain for "an assignment". Hmmm.

 -- Peter Obi won Anambra State elections, abi? As Onitsha man talk, notin mega, posterity will judge. Cos if that election was really held, and voters were actually able to vote, then by Jehova umu-Israel there's no way Obi would've won - Dr. Chris Ngige was by-far the popular choice - damn, i'll stake my home and abroad accounts on it! And mind you i don't especially like Ngige that much.
Mehn, una need to see how sooooo unpopular that Obi guy currently is. So how did he do it?? Hmmm, you didn't hear this from me, but the thing was 3-quarters of peeps who turned for the election couldn't find their names on the voters' register. Instead they were seeing hausa names like Musa al-Kassad and Alhaji Maidogonyaro all over the register. In Anambra State!!! Since when nwa-ala igbo begin answer alhaji??! Now, i wasn't at the elections (couldn't leave my 8-5, thankya!), i actually heard these things from my mum, family and friends back in Anambra - and they can't all be lying. Hmmm, i don talk my own.

 -- And lastly, una hear of the electrocution accident wey kill people like chicken for Port Harcourt? The tori long, mak una go read am here. My people, na dia i dey follow go work EVERY MORNING OO!! Jehova onye ebere! First, the rain decides to fall in February - in freaking February!! - whaddahell issat? 2012 preamble? Global warming, abi na cooling? Hmmm. Then factor in the high-voltage cable, the big tree right next to it, and then the bus terminal beside them all. As usual, a panel has been instituted to look into the thing, and the state governor has given a speech decrying such carelessness by the PHCN - who, of course, have gone on a solidarity visit to the governor to "console" him on the unfortunate accident and assure him they're working hard to make sure it doesn't occur again. Meanwhile, the victims are languishing in pain in the hospital. Naija!!  Hmmm.


Neo said...

na wa o. doin my thesis in economic crime in nigeria, my oyinbo supervisor quickly recommended one bk on the history of our corruption written by another oyinbo. Honestly Nigeria picture no fine at all.

Off to read the PH story now!

Myne Whitman said...

Naija right now is a junkheap of bad news. I heard about the electrocution. Thank God you were spared o. About the elections, I heard there was very low turnout and the register was f888d up. Na wa sha.

Suru said...

Oh Nigeria! Where are you going down this path? I hope I'm not watching a trainwreck happening but rather a difficult walk up a mountain...

2cute4u said...

I'm just so pissed I'm just getting here.. First off, thank you so much for stopping by.. I so love it here that I don't wanna leave without building my tent.. I have by the way, Nigeria's a bit crazy right now but in our little way, we have to help her, how? I'd let you know when I'm done with the ground steps.. cheers..

kay9 said...

@neo: at least you won't lack real-time factual data! :D

@MyneW: and to think those poor people got electrocuted even tho nobody has light! imagine the paradox

@suru: my sister, me too i tire

@2cute4u: u'll always hav space reserved 4u here.

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