Sunday, 28 February 2010

Musings and Poor Chile

Last day of the month...

I'm yet to receive my salary; tough shit i guess.

I keep telling people that drinking beer straight from the bottle is like kissing a girl, but most don't believe me. Buy a beer today and hic! check for yourself.

I think President Yar'Adua is dead; Turai and Segun Adeniyi are just lying summabeeches... well, technically, Turai is just a lying beech. 

Suru, 2cute4u, MyneWhitman, and Muyiwa have put up a blog to help disaster-affected Nigerians, "We Are Jos". Go check. I'm 101% behind it.

Chile's just suffered a 8.8 magnitude earthquake - stronger than what hit Haiti weeks ago. About 300 expected dead, probably more. And i thought i had problems... (2cute, any chance we can do anything about this one?)

Still think 2012 is a joke?

I wonder.


2cute4u said...

Finally!was really difficult posting a comment here, guess network's bad.. I was going to keep doing it until i succeed anyway..
First off, I want to thank you for mentioning us and the WE ARE JOS initiative in your post, that was real sweet of you.. In what capacity do you want to be involved?be a member in the planning committee?just give?be a team writer on let me know okay?send your answer to
Remain blesed.

Rene said...

i wonder too

Myne Whitman said...

I kept trying to leave a comment earlier but no show. Poor Chile, but luckily the toll is not as bad. And yeah 2012 was just a movie, lol.

I think Yardie is still alive but who knows?

Suru said...

I think he's brain dead and deteriorating. Thanks for supporting Jos stay tuned for more info. I pray those in Chile will get through this with as small damage as possible.

kay9 said...

@2cute: i just wanna be a donor (i no get money o, just small change). Sorry i took long to reply this.
@Rene: me, i've gone beyond wondering; PH is now as hot as Sokoto.
@MyneW: happy u were able to comment, abeg blogger better take time o. Y'all-r-Dull is less alive than my laptop; Turai come n sue me.
@Suru: i hear the Chile death-toll has risen to over 700. :(

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