Thursday, 12 May 2011

Writer's Block

I used to love writing.

I don't know what happened to me to change that. "Life", perhaps. But i used to love
writing. Seeing the blue ink flowing from the tip of my pen, gracing the smooth white paper and forever changing its destiny and purpose in life (oh yeah, i believe papers have purposes in life, too). Aah, the sweet, sweet rush of adrenaline as a fantastic idea takes hold of my head and i can't wait to pour it all unto a sheet of foolscap commandeered from my kid brother's schoolbag...

Well, like i said, i don't know what happened. All i know is suddenly i can't seem to string together two sentences without hitting a brain-jam. It usually goes like this: I lay out a fresh A4 paper, put the tip of my ball-pen between my teeth, and my eyes zone out to neatherealm. Two hours later i'm still in the same position, the A4 spotless and unblemished - like a freaking virgin. Shit.

By the way, isn't that what they call a writer's block? Ah well, whatever.

Or, maybe it has something to do with my 8-5. These days i feel soooo unproductive. If someone were to give me a score-card right now and asked me to score myself on net personal productivity, i'd give myself a big fat zero. Yeah, its that bad. And nothing kills the mind faster than idleness. i am, writing my sad little story, and wondering where the f**k i got it wrong.


Myne Whitman said...

Kay, I've missed you o! Well whatever block or jam, you've written a blog post so the main thing is just a step behind. How you dey jare?

P.E.T. Projects said...

Its funny how i got so much inspiration from reading your post(and others too)only for you to disappear as soon as i became a blogger freshman!

The 8 - 5 may be one of the reasons however, i think the 'formality' u've adopted is also a problem. Honestly, if i get out a pen and paper my mind zones off too so why not just try creating little notes on ur phone or even on an MS Word page during work.

it might leave u with quite a few half-done posts, but u can string them up as Random posts or just elaborate on it at a future date.

Gosh... im writing an epistle already
Welcome back!

kay9 said...

Thank u so much blogger, deleting my precious two comments!!! >(

@myne: saw ur comment before blogger hacked it away. u neva give up on people, myne... :) thanx so much.
@PET: saw ur comment on my email; good to know i'm inspiring somebody, u should see me right now, grinning from ear to ear :D

R. One said...

kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! where have you been?? since oct kwa!!!

Good to see you're alive oh. A lot of folks on blogger seem to have 'writer's block' if that's what you wanna call it lol. I say its about seasons.

BeeEaazzzyyy, bruv!

kay9 said...

@Rep1: lol... i'm ok dear, just took a vacation. its rly nice to be missed u knw :)

Kiah said...

since i started following your blog,i have waited breathlessly for you to finally post something. Yay!!!

As for the writer's block, this too shall pass.(hopefully)

Nice Anon said...

Nwanne ole? Longest time o

Kafo said...

writer's block
is a necessary evil
it reminds us to appreciate the days we can write
it makes us better as writers
the frustration
builds until finally it bursts
and u are back to normal

Taynement said...

saw your comment on Repone's blog. so came to say thanks and to let you know i have been in the real world since o! it has even kicked my ass. it was my MBA so na phase 2.

Oya find a way to kick your writers block away!

kay9 said...

@kiah, sorry to keep y'all waiting, brov had to get his acts together.

@adabekee, nne i dey o.

@kafo, when are you publishing? :)

@Tay, MBA? u be big babe na! Abeg i dey come vacation for your house!

TayneMent said...

Come on down you are welcome to. I sense interesting convo hehe.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. you made sense.

Myne Whitman said...

So blogger took my comment eh? No wahala, we're waiting for the next post, :)

awittyfool said...

I know what U mean,n like U, I can only blame the 9-5 J.O.B, nothing kills creativity than punching time clocks, pushing paperwork and all that other mundane stuff that you need to do to earn real money. I swear, I wrote more AND better stuff when I wan perpetually broke and working in menial jobs. Hope U hav been unblocked, anyways. :)

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