Tuesday, 7 June 2011

In-between the ROVs

I'm a little at loss how to begin this post, learning the ropes all over again maybe. I actually had to force myself to post this. Been postponing for days now. So here i am, halfway through the report on ROVs i was supposed to have submitted yesterday, and i'm like, wtf, i'm gonna blog right now.

Anybody remember that Schwarzeneger movie where a kid goes to a cinema and somehow gets sucked into the action movie he was watching? Remember how the kid kept saying gleefully, "I'm in a movie! I'm in a movie!!"? Well, that's kinda like how i felt yesterday. Lol... here, go see. Thing is, umm, hey Freaksho, can i get more lines? I mean, all i did was shake my head a couple of times and thump at some computer; mehn, even the frigging gorilla in KingKong had more lines than that, lol... And while we're at it, how about throwing some activity my way? I gotta tell u, i have this bad-ass Jet Li move i've been trying out, u know... :D

Ok, gotta run back to the ROVs. My coy just merged with (more like was bought over, actually) with these bigger dudes, and there's talk of some guys going on training. Mmm, hope it gets to me.



awittyfool said...

don't know the Schwareneger movie you are talking about. by d by, ROV's? stand for...?

kay9 said...

@witty, haba, u didnt watch Last Action Hero? One kain satirical action movie like dat wey funny small...

ROV = remotely operated (underwater) vehicle. And trust me, there isn't ANYTHING exciting about doing a report on 'em.

Random One said...

You just scarce like kerosene sha...good to see you around these parts, albeit a week late hehe.

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