Friday, 1 July 2011

Et cetera, et cetera

Howdy, new month and all.

I'm posting this from my fone, so i really dont know wat its gonna look like. Having said that may i also add that i really dont have jack to talk about, just an odd feelng that today would be a nice day to blog. And hey, better ignore the title of this post. It just felt like a good thing to say.

My boss n i have kissed and made up (figuratively o); i spent a better part of this morning in the tozo's office, helping him edit a contract proposal. God, that morrafocka can worry; the office intercom rings virtually every 7mins!
''Come come come come!''
''Yes sir.''

And then i show up only to find out the fat cat just wants me to copy some shit from excel to word for him. See as i don turn P.A.

Funny thing is, if i didnt knw enough, i'd say he's just doing it to frustrate me. But he isn't. The man just lurrvvs giving orders, and since the day he found out i ws good with computers, my life has never been the same again.

I sincerely hope this month brings some goodies along with it; God knows i badly need a break. Now if only some long-lost stinking-rich relative would suddenly die (may his soul be granted eternal repose in the Lord's bosom), and bequeath all his earthly possessions to moi...

Better, luvlier years ahead to Freaksho and Sirius! U both make marriage sound like it's fun...or is it? Me, i just wana catch some tail tonight, its been a while mehn.


P.E.T. Projects said...

LOL @ long lost stinking rich relative
Hmmm, the things we wish for!

All the help u're rendering to the boss wld provide you a blank cheque and hopefully you can cash in on the favour sometime soon.

BSNC said...

lol All the best. May this month be break fully wonderful for you. Not its not just you, sirius makes marriage seem like a breath of fresh air.

kay9 said...

@PET, the man has short term memory.

@BSNC, amen o.

Seshe James said...

Lol.... u're funny... Nice blog too..

kay9 said...

@seshe, thanks!

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