Friday, 17 June 2011

Dry Talk + Comprehension

Ok, so i woke up on the wrong side of the bed today...

No, no wait, that's not how it started.

How it started was, it was like 3.45am and i was already up, eating bread and fried eggs - fried with red oil cos i forgot i ran out of the processed variety days ago.  Tasted like shit, i might add. But yeah, eating bread n eggs, and watching a bootleg dvd of Kung-fu Panda 2. Fully awesome, huh? Well, i just wasn't feeling it. I was having the fuzzy-woozies. So i went to the bathroom and smoked a cigarette. And another. And felt worse. Really really woozy now, the bad kind - like you get when you're recovering from a bad bout of malaria. No, wait... i think the cigarettes came first; cigarette - fuzzy-woozy - shitty eggs. Whatever. Either way, by the time i was through, i was feeling like poop-smear on the wall.

Then factor in the freakin' cold...

I guess what i'm trying to say is, why the blazes isn't today saturday?

Ahh well, that's all just dry talk. I had actually wanted to do today was a post on the principle of  Comprehension and how it also applies to relationships. You know, something in the line of "if you really comprehend what someone thinks of you, then you wouldn't be surprised by how they act or react to you..."

Or something like that.

I don't know, it all sounds kinda shallow now, but it really had a lot of flesh on it when i was thinking about it yesterday. Prolly has something to do with the shitty day.

My boss and i had a major fallout this week, and he basically rolled out every war-arm in his arsenal - yells, taunts, warnings, a big-ass query, and a sack threat - and i just sat there and took it, like the freakin man of steel. Little shitty man with little shitty power, too bad he isn't the one that employed me. I wish he'd just understand that i'm not forming die-hard or anything; i just dont fcuking care anymore.

Thank God its friday.


Kiah said...

Eggs fried with red oil are actually nice!

aside that...i am the first one here!!! Yay!!!

Myne Whitman said...

Long time Kay, no mind your boss o, just chill. At least tomorrow is saturday.

P.E.T. Projects said...

Bosses take the piss sometimes... unrealistic deadlines and task they cant complete without help!

kay9 said...

@kiah, they're nice? mmm, maybe u should tell me how u do 'em.

@myne'w, thanx jare. d man don pipe down sha.

@P.E.T, i'm guessin u'r a boss, lol... but i suppose u'r right.

LucidLilith said...

goodness I hate bosses like at "i dont fucking care."

I think he must be having some issues at home and is just taking it out on you. yeye.

kay9 said...

@lucid, lol

Lara said...

Can I dash you my boss...they can be really crazy some times...just like yours, mine also wish he can sack but he can't.

Siddon look is the best thing for them.

Eye fried with palm oil...ewww

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