Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hello Blogsville... Hello Seattle

Yeah... Its me all right, thought its about time i dropped by.

Ok, so this morning while i was cleaning stuff up, my laptop cued in Owl City's "Hello Seattle"; i ended up replaying the track like four times, but by the fifth iteration i still had no idea what the song was talking about. So...

So i checked up good ol' Google. The results i got ranged from insightful to silly, to downright hilarious. One poster at some random lyrics site like that really cracked me up... :D

@NuttyJ, hope u doing ok gurl.


Myne Whitman said...

Long time, and here I was thinking you were saying hi :(

kay9 said...

@myne, owwww dear.... missd u :)

Nutty J. said...

This 'Hello Seattle' song matter me i dont gerrit ooo.

Yes darling..i'm doing great. Almost jumping up and down.

You gonna be around blogsville now yeah? Like parmanently yeah? Because we are getting ready to take you to the blogsville police and arrest you for abandoning ship....

Welcome back

Kiah said...

where have you been? you owe us bank gist!!!

Muse Origins said...

I don't know the song. Will check it out. I'm glad Owl City has more than 2 noteworthy songs though

Muse Origins
Muse Origins FB

kay9 said...

@nutty, lol... Dis yo ''yeah'' affectation sef, sounding like my ex-MD, d fckn Judas Is-Carrot :D
@kiah, u so ryt dear :) Promise i'll post it soonest.
@musings, funny gurl :) guess u referin to Fireflies n Vanilla Twilight.

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