Thursday, 22 December 2011

NEFT Transfer (II)

Mostly in response to Kiah's request. Its 5months behind schedule o, but hey, nothing's been on schedule for me lately. :)


Recap: It was 3:25pm; banks close to customers by 3:45pm, and Stephen dem needed to withdraw the chips before COB.
Status: the bank lady (same one that adviced the NEFT crap) just confirmed that the money still hadn't left my account. But why na? Eeh, she doesn't know, maybe cos, umm maybe...

Bloody baka-yarou!

My brain goes into overdrive.

I run upstairs, grab my colleague's car keys (the dude was in the warehouse fooling around with 4-1/2'' IF crossovers), and run for the car park outside. Simultaneously, i call my account officer at the bank (who thankfully also doubles as our company's liaison bank personnel) and beg her to make available so-so amount for me, abeggggg, say person need am sharperly. She say no shaking, mak i dey come. Check.

I slow down long enough outside to type a text to my mum - ''Text me Stephen's account number''. Send. Dash into the car - thank God na auto transmission - back out n race towards bank. Simultaneously calling collegue and begging to use his car abeggggg (bros no knw say i don tak off with car already o, lol). I don reach bank sef when he finally says ok. Check.

Time - 3:32pm.

I race into bank, straight to account officer's office (she get small levels for the bank shaa); money's ready already, i should just fill out the teller, she'll handle the rest. I short-hand through the teller, thank her profusely, grab the cheddah and race out again. My phone beeps as i'm re-entering the car - Stephen's bank details, diamond bank. Mmm.

On a side note, thank God i decided to take those driving lessons during my leave in May/June; seriously, Agent 007 had nothing on me that afternoon.

3:47pm; i'm in front of Diamond bank. I race inside; security flexes its muscle and i flash my 6,000 watts smile - bros, how far na? Abeggg, abeggg... Lol. Door opens and i'm inside. Check.


Finally sometime around 4:10pm, i call mumsie, ''Tell Stephen dem to go withdraw their money.''

Mission Accomplished... mehn, am i good or what??


Kiah said...

thank you oh!!! hope your Christmas was as happy as it could be.

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