Friday, 6 January 2012

Here I Make My Stand!

Its time.
Time to STEP UP.
We've talked enough. We've pontificated enough. Its time for our VOICES TO BE HEARD.
OccupyNigeria says ''NO'' to Fuel Subsidy Removal! Revitalize the Refineries First! Revitalize the Power Sector First!Mr President lead by example; almost N1bn for ''household refreshments''?? C'mon!!

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#occupyNigeria - Ilorin... The city that started it all. Hail, my yoruba brothers; una get mind!

#occupyNigeria - Benue

#occupyNigeria - Katsina

#occupyNigeria - Ibadan

Our 5-man stand in Port Harcourt - me, far left; Paul, far right; Cedric and Charles in the middle. Pic taken by Dami.

Just before SSS officials drove down, said the State Police Commissioner had been getting calls, and asked that we leave (Dami at far left). Monday'll be a better day.

His name is Muyideen Mustafa, he is 23, and he was shot protesting.

Dear fellow nigerian at home and in diaspora, where were you while your countrymen shed tears, sweat, n blood?

God bless my fatherland. Occupy Naija!!
kay9 signing out.


miss.fab said...

The images all link back to this post. :(

kay9 said...

sorry dear... rectified that.

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