Sunday, 24 May 2009

Cry for Justice

I did not plan this post; it just happened. Horrible things are happening all over this country and little or nothing is being done about it. Civilians are being murdered in the current military offensive in the Niger Delta in the name of fighting militants.

But I agree with Danny: Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows - Gal 6:7.


Danny BaGucci said...

Bruv.... Its irksome that things like that can still happen in our country.. I hear one stewpid member of the House of Reps actually said it was better if 20 million people dide, it would be for the salvation of 100 million.. Sad.. that such idots are the ones toying with the reins of power in the country!

My world said...

This is an issue that has defied solution...........or are my sources flawed???

kay9 said...

@Danny: really sad. Sometimes i think i should join politics, make a difference maybe...

@My World: Its not the solution that isn't there; its just the unwillingness to implement it. I served in Bayelsa state (NYSC); there i found out even the state govnor n many other prominent peeps from the state were profiting from oil bunkering - even had their own bunkering vessels. Now how does such folks muster the moral courage required to fight militancy and criminality in their OWN state? Its a shame

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