Monday, 11 May 2009

Extended Vacation

I made my last post to this most beloved blog of mine approximately 2 months ago. Between then and now, there’s been ZERO posts. And the reason: Yours sincerely had taken an extended vacation. Yep, an extended vacation – from blogsites, from forums, from Facebook – in fact, from the entire bligging internet. I was just so tired of it all.

Okay, by now you are probably thinking that there’s more to this “vacationing” issue than I’m letting on. Well, you’re right. With my right hand on my chest, I humbly and sorrowfully hereby confess to the following sins:
1. I confess that the reason I joined Facebook was to make contacts and pull a sizeable (Nigerian) audience;
2. I confess that the reason I joined and many other forums was to publicize my novel and other write-ups;
3. And lastly, I confess that (oh, so sad) the reason I created Kay’s Corner was to make some dough off Google adsense.

See, it was all an entrepreneurial idea from the start. And after running Kay’s Corner for more than eight months without making even a lousy fifty cent (my apologies, Mr. 50cent!), I decided it wasn’t worth the stress, hence the vacation.

But now, I’m happy to announce that I’ve come to a realization. A realization that money is not everything; that dough is not all there is to life. I have an eight-to-five job, so I’m not exactly so bad off. Plus I do love blogging – so why not just do it for the love of doing it and blog my heart away?

Well, all that said, I have come up with a brand new “me” – fun and happiness first; sales and millions of 50cents (heeheehee!) from adsense can come later. Yes, fun first, money later. Just do me a favor: don’t repeat it to anyone that’s read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, or loves Warren Buffet! in the mean time, though, my adsense advert is still running (lol!).



Danny BaGucci said...

LOL... We all went thru these phases bruv.. Stick with it.. the followership will come.... You do have something to say! Thanks for stopping by...

Ana Cristina said...

Lol... it's a nice blog!
Go ahead!

kay9 said...

@Danny n Ana: I will, too. By thunder, I will! Do stop by again.

Brokeass said...

welcome back!

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