Friday, 21 August 2009

10 Words of Wisdom - Waffi Brand

I got me a collection of Waffi proverbs i culled from NL; thought y'all might enjoy them. BTW, if you are naija-born and you no sabi wetin "waffi" mean, then je-je click Reload. You can continue your journey of discovery from there. :D


WORDS OF OUR POPSI - Waffi-Saffi Remix

1. Escort me, Escort me, naim slave trade take start.

2. He who laughs last.... na serious mumu. Na now he know wetin dey happen??

3. All work and no play, na banker be that!

4. Birds of the same feather, na the same mama born dem.

5. He who lives in a glass house, na him pepe rest!! :D

6. Na determination dey make okada-rider overtake trailer.

7. Like play like play, naim Ngozi take carry belle.

8. Rat wey dey pass snake-hole take reach him house, no be small work im do.

9. When monkey wear canvas enter town, una go know say im get plan.

10. Mosquito wey perch for brokos, na small-small dem dey carry kill am.

And lastly, my personal favorite: Over-skill na im dey kill Ninja! (lol, Chayoma take note!!)


akaBagucci said...

I miss my days in the University where my pristine English was corrupted in broad day light mehn... It was totally enjoyable.... LMAO @ the mosquito and the brokos one - priceless mirth there

Ms. 'dufa said...

LOL@"Escort me, Escort me, naim slave trade take start." fUNNY STUFF.

miss.fab said...

Lmaoooo *dead* at no. 6 looool

chayoma said...

lol @ # 2
So na overskill dey kill ninja? Haa
see me planning on practicing some more. How i fit break into ur house answer ur proposal?

Nice Anon said...

like play like play but Ngozi bin dey enjoy the "play" na abi? LOL

Wetin be your SN for NL sef?

kay9 said...

@Danny: I feel u jare; bouncing into the campus all good and home-grown, set to experience the forbidden fruits of absolute freedom!

@Ms.Dufa: Yes o. Even Oprah has said it. :P

@miss.fab: Biko laff till infinity, notin mega!

@chayoma: lol, dis girl sef! You don dey break into my house already? Pepper-soup oku bu small-small ka-anaji anu ya o :D Oya, just knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

@Ada-bekee: Ngozi don chop awoof naw, olekwanu ihe i mere expect? My NL SN? "kay9", same old me, babe, same old me... lol!

Repressed One said...

LOL!! esp #5...das wussup!!

LG said...

buhahahahahahahaha my belle o ooooooo :-)

*kay how bodi? e don tey o

kay9 said...

@Rep-1: Yes o, that's what i've asking baba God since i heard that proverb.

@LG: E don tey jare, lotsa water under the bridge. Bodi still dey inside cover-alls shaa

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