Wednesday, 26 August 2009

August Visitor

I want to officially send out a big thank-you kiss to all the fine naija-ninjas who've joined my followers' club over the last four months. Yes, my followes' club - that little black corner wiv pitchers innit, just a little lower down and to the right. Honestly, you guys are a real boost to my already over-blown ego (lol!) and i really really appreciate it.

Ok umm, see eh, actually the kiss is only for the ladies o.... Danny, Scribbles, Jo Philip, Noty, and Sugar-K, abeg make una come this side collect hand-shake, no vex abeg... "Yo, wats'up my dawg... (does complicated hand-shake), thanks for hanging out wiv me, man, you're my homie f'life, f'real!!"

That's done! Oya, all the sexy, sexy mamasitas wey dey my convoy - fabulola, Elusive-B, adaeze, naija shawty, Ms. Dufalicious (mehn, dont you just lurrvvv that name!) and chayoma - here's to y'all: MMMWWWAAAAAAAAHH!!!!

Mmmm.... that was one wet kiss. Sigh. Don't you just love kissing the ladies?

Alright, to the business of the day.

I've got a little problem. I'm gonna have an august visitor by weekend and my brother is still around. See, i live in a self-contained room - one big room, one short corridor, a kitchen at the end of it, and a bathroom-cum-toilet attached - the place is really tight and i like to pretend it's actually a "self-contained apartment", but wth am i fooling? Ok, then two weeks ago, my brother (a year younger than i am) came around; he just finished from university, and he's gonna be around for a looooooonnng time. I mean, the guy na correct nwa-guy, i dig his ish, he digs mine, its really fun having him around - plus he cooks!! (Aha, i know Blogville babes will start ask me for his phone #... hehehe)

Now, the wahala there be say my sweet-heart from way back in school, Z, is coming to spend the weekend with me - with my brother in the same room!! Now, i know this gurl; she's like the "straightest" chic i've ever met. This is something she's NEVER done with ANY guy, visiting for the weekend, i mean. Yeah, i can see NBB already smirking at the corner, but hey trust me, i know this gurl, she's THIS uptight. Plus it was her that called and told me she wants to come over. Mehn, i couldn't believe it. I've been waiting to hear her say that for years - i'm not kiding - years!! Of course, in the mean time i just dey collect away matches... bodi no be fire-wood naw.

I played it cool shaa, asked her to repeat what she’d just said… she giggled and repeated that she was thinking of coming down to my place for the wkend. Her voice had a quiver when she said it again, i could almost feel the nervousness tingling down her spine. And i really really REALLY lov..., no, love is too strong; I really REALLY like Z. Sometimes, i think its gonna be her that I will.... mmmmh!

Mehn, I don think am go forward, think am go backward; walahi, bros will have to go on exile o! Its just that he doesn’t have any real friend in P.H yet, and I know he’s not gonna like crashing in my friends’ place. But kai, I can’t have bros sleeping in with me and Z, no way! Abeg blogsville, any ideas?? Bcos me i wan shine the congo this weekend o!

UPDATE: My people, see me as i take miss out one correct mamasita for my chikito convoy: Miss Fab!! Chai, nne oya na you go get the longest and juiciest of... nay, the gentlest and loveliest of all kisses: Mmwwwaaaah!!!


miss.fab said...

Haaaa yawa!!! You don crace! No shout out to me abi... Me your most faithful reader!!!

E go be now!

kay9 said...

Chei, fcuk up!!! how could i have missed u, fab?? kai, yawa don gas for me. Oya, no vex, make i go amend am sharp-sharp!

miss.fab said...

Lmaooooo at that update! Hmmm... I guess you're forgiven for now. I shall think of an appropriate punishment for you later. Lol

As for your situation... Lwkmd! I think you should send your brother off to another family member for the weekend abi? I can assure you that the chick will not be happy to share the room with the two of you. Lol

Fabulo-la said...

See o I want more than wet kiss abeg!
Wetin wet kiss go do for me?

Abt ya bros...well Tel him the situation for ground naa...and suggest he go visit one family member..but only after he cooks.of course..

lol hopefully he will understand..abi?

Nice Anon said...

He can go somewhere to perch while your visitor enjoys her stay. As per I no be persin that is why I no kon get any shoutout na. Nsogbu adighi.

Dark Neo said...

Drive the young man away! He will understand ... us guys always do ... I cant count the number of times my bro has done it to me ... and If by chance he vexes, well he is Family ... he'll come around. But I suggest you use something to bribe him just in case. Bribes work!

chayoma said...

Yes oh!
Person knw say i be sexy mamacita...if u didnt knw,now y'all
Z don pack courage come ur house, ready for freddy (cheesy i knw) only for her to jam ur bros, who will be sharing the place with u two..
that is not how to do it
Tell ur bros he needs to go stay at a relative's for the weekend...
u have got to handle ur biz oh!
@ Dark Neo,
that;s now Bribe. See the people that r encouraging such. But if it comes to that...

kay9 said...

@fabulola: u want more than a wet kiss?? my pleasure!!

@Ada-bekee: Agbogho-ala-bekee! Asa-mpete! Elebe-ukwu-egbue-ewu! Ada-nne, anula ngwo na nkwu na-abia! Just relax for Jesus, leave chikito convoy for chikitos; i get special arrangement for you, i nugo? You suppose know say me and you don become 5-and-6 for this blogvillage.

(***Sighs and shakes head, "Now evryone will want a special arrangement too...")

@DarkNeo: lol! Yo bros really show u pepper o. I go try the bribe angle shaa.

@chayoma: Mamacita Numero Uno! BTW, u never reply my proposal o...

@all: Thanx for yo advice everyone! At least my wkend jolly is assured, lol. I go yarn una the full gis later.

Nice Anon said...

buhhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa@ Elebe ukwu egbuo ewu! Onu uto gi adila 3 much! Yes me and you don become 5 and 6 ooh. Nani gi bu oji ukwu aga aba so no shakes. LOL

Ms. 'dufa said...

LOL@the handshake with the guys! That was funny.

I just got kissed on blogsville!!! A wet kiss for that matter! And he ssaid he lurrrvvss my name! Could this be love? lol

Now you're in a very tight corner, I don't envy you o! Your bros gotsa go! Its only for d weekend. Just hook him up in some place that's safe and comfortable

Sting said...

You have been nominated for blogsville hottest bachelor competition. Oya, sent ur response to


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