Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Pic Post


Here's the best of customer Service - Ojo-Elegba style. Now, if only banks and mobile phone service providers would borrow a leaf from that guy!


This one is actually a sales pitch.
TOYOTA HILLUX FOR SALE: In a slightly (unfairly) used condition; 6-Cow Power Engine ; Can sit more than 5; ZERO fuel requirements; Absolutely NO Speed Limit; Absolutely NO Extra/Recurrent Costs (just arrange enof chowder for the cows). For enquiries, just fly down to Kano (Nigeria), and find your way to the outskirts of the city - you'll see a good dealer if you stand long enough at a road-side.


Lol... i'm laffing so hard i can't even type straight.
However... however, one thing i can say about this dude: He's got his Swagga Mode fully active - totally gyansta, homie! LWKMD! A friend in the office described him as "Aboki with an attitude" - attitude no be small one o.


Yep, it's the Green Monster-Hero alright.
Now, ladies, this one is for you:
What would you do if your man suddenly changed into this guy - colour, size, muscles and all? ( ...and don't forget his Little John!)


Just to brighten your dreary Wednesday; WHY SO SERIOUS??

(Mehn, where's my TDK bootleg dvd...)


Myne Whitman said...

You for no add the last two men, that Joker is so scary, lol. And Hulk, me I will love a superhero hubby but I will run sha, until he returns to usual size, hehehhe...

2cute4u said...

This is really good!Its really engaging!

akaBagucci said...

lol.. nice pics man... how u dey?

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