Thursday, 15 April 2010

Finally Thankful

I've been postponing this for like 2months now, so after weeks of blogfast its only fitting that i end it with a Thankful post. (abeg GNG i'm not stealing your idea oo, i'm only copying. Nobody should accuse me of plagiarism! I don't want to be beaten on the head with a shoe, lol...)

Ok, here goes:

I'm thankful to God that i am still alive and healthy today.
I know lots of people don't believe in all that ''God shit'' anymore, but i still do. Its a personal thing for me, and i know who i owe it all to.

I'm thankful that i have a job.
Guys, i don't know if y'all know what its like here in 9ja for graduates; hundreds, thousands, flocking around like sheep, absolutely jobless. There are guys i graduated with four fcuking yrs ago still milling around unemployed - guys that used to be ''big boys'' then, now they call me ''Chairman'', ''Chief'', ''Oga'' - and i really, really wish they'd stop calling me that. Its so sad.
See, egwuriegwu aside, my job is pretty shitty, with lots of ''Yes sir'' to it - and i still dream of kicking my boss' ass and beating him on the head with a shoe (lol..) - but even at that, i'm still grateful for it. Of course in the mean time, i'm arranging my portfolio (is that sp correct?) and keeping an eye out for Prophet Elijah...

I'm thankful for my tough times.
Yes o, i'm thankful for all those times i was living in ''Broke-lyn'' and borrowing from friends, times i was slaving it out in coveralls under the sun, times when i was forced to discover my own strengths. Oh yeah, and i know its not over yet; tougher times are still on the way. But u know what? This homeboy is headed for the sky! Haahaha!!

And one last thing i'm thankful for: Blogsville.
My God, u all are something, unu wu ihe!! Looool! From the nice, to the amusing, funny, annoying, infuriating, downright sarcastic, to the totally outrageous, Blogsville has it all. And i'm happy that y'all never cease to make my day! Gracias!


Rene said...

u're welcome

awittyfool said...

i knw wot U mean about being thankful for the hardtimes. They shape U, make U stronger and bring U 2 a place where U can be thankful.
Never lose touch wit that feeling of thankfulness. it makes the highs more intense and the lows, less so.
and on behalf of Blogsvillie: "De nada papi!"

Nutty J. said...

Yes oooo...I thank God with you. Better days are ahead

sosexy said...

God don bless you..
Good you thankful..
Nice post along with your Nna mehn slangs..
Hope you voted for 2cute4u's poem, FOR ME YOU AND THEY

Repressed One said...

Bia! i no see..."I'm thankful for Zee"

WHY?? lol :D

I dey fin mind me. How you dey, men?

Myne Whitman said...

Thank God for your life o, that unemployment eh? SMH. E go better.

kay9 said...

@Rene: thanx dear

@wittyf: now i'm feeling like a million dollars!

@nutty-J: i pray so, too.

@sosexy: i neva vote o! But no worry, i'm going there now sharpish.

@Rep1: see no evil, talk no evil, do no evil (**evil grin**), lol... Thanx fer stopping by jare

@MyneW: e go better my sis.

Nutty J. said...

sowwwry for barging in here with this but,

I dont know what happened to my blog..if u like u can unfollow the one u have and follow this one...its the same, but I see it no longer appears anywhere...I tire for the matter

kay9 said...

@Nutty: already did, saw ur comment @ fabulola's page. U knw me go do anyfin fer ya... (lol)

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