Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mid-Month Randoms

Its 1:25pm; i'm in the office and my boss just gave me a lecture on appreciating God in my life. I think he's full of shit. A week ago he gave our assistant unit manager a two-weeks suspension without pay because the man didn't pick his phone quickly enough - it was during the weekend, too. Of course everybody knows he just doesn't like the man, he's been beefing the man for like weeks now; the phone thing was just an excuse to swing around his weight. Blasted hypocrite, onye-oma Emeka.

I had a fight - and i mean a fight, like fisticuffs - with one of my friends last friday. Then we met up again at a bar and drank over it. But i'm still pissed off whenever i remember it. What happened was we were all sitting together in the office - me, him, and two other guys (lets call'em N, M, and O) - we are all real friends, plus we all work at the same place. Ok, so it was after work hours, and we are relaxing, waiting for N and O's babes to show up. Then its time to go, and N says he's looking for his dvd, says he believes i have it, and demands to search my laptop bag. I refuse. He insists and drags my bag; bag goes southways. He scatters my stuff and walks away. I'm stunned; i walk back to him and asks him wtf was that. He says its what it is, and wtf am i gonna do about it? I'm staring, like stupid stunned - and i didn't even have the frigging dvd. Then he delivers the bombshell: kay, u can't do shit about it. Says it repeatedly to my face.

Jesus wept.

Anyway, long story short, i go outside and wait for him. He comes out, and i give him a resounding right hook he's gonna remember for a long time. Oh, i forgot to mention, he's like two heads taller than i am, and almost twice as big. But you know the thing about righteous fury; it makes you invincible. It didn't last long tho, we got separated pretty quick. M was really angry with us both, said we were embarrassing him fighting like little secondary school boys. O says we are delaying his beer, and God help us if his babe gets tired of waiting and goes back home. N came over later at the bar, acting all nice, offering to light my cigarette each time i pulled one out. So everybody drank himself into a stupor and forgot everything.

But mehn, i still get angry remembering it; how can u eff-up so bad on somebody and still have the nerve to tell him something like that - YOU CAN'T DO SHIT ABOUT IT.

My coy is owing salaries again, and by God i need dough right now more than CBN.

I didn't go to the rig afterall; someone else was sent. Tough shit.


ZeL said...

@The fight, your friend deserved it. But being guys, u guys are good now. If twas gals we'd still be keeping malice.

Hope u get yr salary soon

Myne Whitman said...

People still fight? I mean adults? Hey Kay...

Sigh, but your friend misyarned sha, why would he try to humiliate you like that? Well you're not women to keep malice but I'd still keep a wary eye on him.

kay9 said...

@Zel: yeah, guys are like that. Its kinda childish refusing to shake a dudes hand just cos u've got issues with him.

@MyneW: Nne, thinking about it now, its all so stupid, fighting over a dvd, lol... But i cant guarantee i won't deck him over if he says that to me again.

isha said...

Dang! I would have been embarrased too, like M, but that was so stupid of N. Childish even. I would see why you'd still be pissed about it. Ndo. Hope money comes soon.

Nutty J. said...

I hope you packed your weight into the punch? Beos come on...if you must fight, then you must fight to win.

So hope you packed your weight into the punch?

dutch84 said...

Boys will be boys.
Fighting over dumb stuff and then making up just as quickly...

kay9 said...

@isha: My dear, the money neva come o.

@Nutty: Honestly now, i really dont think so - his nose bridge didn't show much dent.

@dutch84: "dumb stuff"? an insult to your face is "dumb stuff"? Ah, well, i suppose somebody has to be a bitch.

2cute4u said...

Lemme adress the money palaver.. You gotta pipe down fast.. Relax, you'd be in soonish okay?
Just take it easy..
Try easing up on the swearing..
As for the fight, I enjoyed it sha.. lol..
Una hol.. na make una get time to dey diss.. Typical P-Town BS..
Hope yu gave him a scar of two.. So he won't try it again..
Vex less okay.. If e go no gree you, drinks on me, just holla..

Nice Anon said...

lol good you gave him a left hook! Trying to bruise your ego there huh? Tough shit!

How's you Mista?

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

so glad you gave him the hook, hate it when friends say that word:YOU CAN'T DO SHIT ABOUT IT. Glad you showed him the shit you could do. Hope you guys have settled sha.

kay9 said...

Been trying to login 4 2days now, dunno knw wats wrong with blogger...

@2cute: Drinks on u? U might just regret that, my friends are breweries o...

@Ada-bekee: I'm good, dear. And yes, i got the bday kiss... lol, whatcanisay, me luvs u to smithereens! :D

@TGwtRH: we're good now, my dear. u know a guy can't go around keeping malice - my friends go yab me die. Thanks for stopping by!

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