Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Donate For Jos, please

I actually set out to do a Thankful post (like GNG does every friday). I'd seen something on CNN that made me realize anew how lucky i am to have the things i do. Some Myanmar refugees left stranded at sea by Thai navy officials who'd initially arrested them. The dejection and despair on their faces was so heart-rending, i wished there was something i could do to help them. And then, with the thought of helping far away refugees came the thought of my fellow Nigerians being butchered alive by their own country-men in nearby Jos. What have i done to help them, i thought. Nothing. Absolute nada.

So feeling like the cool and tight kay9 who always does what he says he'll do, head puffing with pride, i went off to look for that site Suru and 2cute had hooked up. I went. I saw. And I was humbled. Then i read down to Suru's post titled "Some Resolution" and saw the link she said made her cry. I clicked...

Brothers and Sisters of blogsville, those barbarians committed a genocide in Jos. They KILLED men, women, children. HUNDREDS. Probably even thousands, i don't know. They KILLED them, BUTCHERED them, BURNT them, and left them to rot in the sun.

Why?? Why????

Why would any human-being do that to another? Because of religion?? Because of FUCKING RELIGION?????? Tomorrow Azazel will come and post something about how stupid all religions are, and someone will start telling him how myopic he is. Yet see what religion makes us do!

I don't what to say... what to do... Why? What do you do the person(s) who did this when you catch them? Kill them? Torture them? Forgive them like the Bible says? Please fellow bloggers, who knows the solution?

I'm just sitting here boiling with impotent anger. Impotent because it won't achieve anything; the dead are dead, anger isn't gonna take care of the living. So i'm going back to copy the account details for the Jos Fund on Suru's post. I'm near broke now, but as soon as my salary comes in i'll parcel-off something for those poor survivors. That's the least i can do. But for now i'm forwarding that page address to every email address i know.

I don't know what to call this post now - it definitely isn't a thankful post anymore; i just want to beg all blogsville to send something to Jos, please. Belle Naija's blog has details on how you can help.

God help us all.

UPDATE: 2cute4u has left a comment on this post; it appears the Red Cross donations account still has some issues. So please don't send any cash donations yet; just keep an eye on We Are Jos for when it is ready. Thanks!


2cute4u said...

Hmmmm, ok.. We're still negotiating with the redcross okay? Some people dont stay in Abuja, most people are outside the country..
Bottomline,Serious talks are going on.. I would advice you wait, Cause they're trying to sort out logistics..So you'd be sure where your money's going and actually see your name on the list

A Witty Fool said...

I saw pictures of Jos and I could only looked past one or two of them. after that I RAN from the website.
I just read 2cute4u's comment. I was gonna ask about assurances that the funds would not be misappropriated.
as for religon and it's role in almost ALL the things are going wroung around the world, I read somewhere that:"God would be hard pressed to forgive humanity for all the things it has done for His namesake." I think that surmirises it up perfectly. Sad.

dutch84 said...

I think that anyone who can do something like this in the name of religion should take a long hard look at themself and what they believe in. I'm broke right now, so all I can offer the Jos survivors are my prayers. God have mercy on them. Amen.

LovePaprika said...

It is indeed sad! Other countries like USA and co attack outsiders and we attack ourselves! how stupid is it! I just read Half of a yellow sun, a book which covers incidents of the civil war and how the igbos and hausas fought and to see history re-occuring is making me even more sad!!! I cannot believe that we Nigerians would enjoy being patriarchal

kay9 said...

@2cute: Thanx for the info; i guess i missed some things in my frenzy to be of help. Plz do inform us soon as the issues are addressd.
@witty: I couldn't run, i had to see, i had to...
@dutch84: I'm not so good on the prayer front; i'm happy somebody is.
@LovePaprika: Tho i fervently hope it won't happen, i really won't be suprised if the relatives of these people killed mount their own killing spree 2mrw. Terror only begets more terror.
Thanks to y'all for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

only 40 percent of the red cross donations for haiti were given to haiti... 60 was used for admin cost. abeg is there a way someone in the us can donate and be assured that their whole amount will be donated? if you find something other than red cross pls let me know.

Femme Lounge said...

i couldn't stand the pictures too. its just so sad, and senseless. i pray for a lasting solution to all these conflicts in Nigeria.

misspumping said...

impotent anger = jos

impotent frustration = Nigeria

walahi i don tire

kay9 said...

@femmelounge: Heard some of the killers are gonna be charged to court soon; i pray something comes of it, Nigeria being what it is...

@misspumping: My sis, no be only you o!

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