Friday, 26 March 2010

The "Happy Time" Conclusion

Last night, while me and my friends (C. and M.) were hanging out, pouring libations to St. Bacchus, the issue of God's Will came up. How it happened was, C. was trying to call some babe with whom he had a shagging arrangement that night, but it seemed the bird had turned tail cos he kept on getting "number unavailable". So he takes to bemoaning his fate and says something like "God, if its your will, let me shag this night... Amen."

C.'s pretty religious, see.

Of course we all got cracking up, like Dude, are you crazy? Shagging is a sin! M. even goes as far as saying that it is actually God's will that he doesn't shag. See bad belle, hee-hee!

Anyway, all this lead me to thinking, What really is God's will? Cos i honestly don't subscribe to the "holy, holy, and holy" mantra - no way God's that boring. All through the bible, God almost always hangs out with some dude (or dudette) who had some kick in him - you know, someone who every once in a while took some time out to just swagga back and have some good ole' fun. Check out Samson, David, Solomon, Elijah, Abraham, Esther (she was a Queen, imagine! So much party!). Even way into the New Testament, St. Paul was still advicing the young Timothy to chill out and have some wine (yeah, for his stomach, i know. But c'mon, wine is wine).

See, all these good fellas i mentioned, all they did was maintain a healthy balance between the serious issues of life (like being prayerful, upright, honest, hard-working, etc.), and the fun-side of living - like sipping a likkle Moet and Hennessy, some harmless flirting, you know, and a shag or two once in a while! You think about it, God made us in His image, right? Now, every one of you reading this, tell me that you don't feel like just loosening up and having some silly good time every now and then, huh? Doesn't it just feel like instinct? Now go a lil' step further; if i'm an image of God and i'm like this, what does it tell me about God? Yeah, yeah, you can scream Blasphemy! all you want, but me i don talk my own.

Of course all this begs the question: if God thought having "fun" was such a good idea, why does his commandments demand otherwise? Easy. Cos if there weren't rules, peeps would overdo it!! Imagine if God didn't say shagging (besides your spouse, that is) was a sin - the whole freaking world would've be filled with kids conceived out of wedlock. Ever wonder why Sodom and Gomorrah was such bad place? Cos they had no rules! Me, i don't mind shagging at all ('specially if its with one sweet and chocolatey mamacita), but meeen, those two cities made an occupation out of it. Plus they were homosexuals - and that's were i draw the line. Homosexuality is BENT. Yup, you heard me. Its so bent, its competing with murder on my Sin Scale.

Ok, my conclusion? God just wants us to have a happy time, BUT WITH LIMITS!! That's all. Here's what i always tell my buddies who don't drink: God wants you to do all your drinking here on earth; that's why there are no breweries in heaven!

(kay9 is cwazy, lol...)


Harry-Rami Itie said...

You're are high!!!

But I like that..sincerely... Yes I don't completely subscribe to your opinion, I respect it... with very valid reason

God does want us to have a good time yes but ask the WWJD question?

Will Jesus shag a girl he is not married to? Or will Jesus be happy if you someone you are not married to?

Think about it... What Would Jesus Do?

2cute4u said...

so typical of Naija guys.
Nice post.would you like to have a banner of WE ARE JOS on your blog?That would be real nice.please visit
Thank you so much.

Suru said...

funny post. I guess it goes back to moderation.

Myne Whitman said...

Moderation is key and of course God loves fun, but what is your definition of fun?

I like your cwazy Have a nice weekend.

awittyfool said...

I agree wit U. it has always been my opinion that God is a cool guy, and as a human would probably wear leather and ride a Harley. He gave us life so we can live it, enjoy it, not waste it in penitent depression. but like any good Father, he has rules dat need 2 be followed for our own health and safety.... 2 simplify the issue.
ps: cwazy is simply a matter of perception!

kay9 said...

@Harry: WWJD? U r forgetting 1thing: i ain't Jesus :)
@2cute: wats typical about naija guys?
@Suru: couldn't hav said it better.
@MyneW: a happy wkend to u too, thanks for coming around!
@awittyfool: ''cwazy is simply a matter of perception''; bull's eye!

Nice Anon said...

You know that shagging before marriage is a sin right? See your analysis to the whole thing. Onye ara dika gi!

Nutty J. said...

cwazy you!! Sex before Marriage is a sin!! hell and damnation!! fore and brimstone....bruahahahaha...okay lemme not go over board.

I for one do not subscribe to sex b4 marriage...first for my sake, and then becos its not the will of God.

But then we are flesh and fall sometimes, this doesnt mean its right, it just means we sud sincerely ask God to give us the grace to abstain. That is just me.

But I've noticed that life is per everyone his/her own. One person's stand sudnt influence ur stand on the matter....know the truth for urself. If shagging b4 marriage being okay is the truth to you, then stick to it...its not the truth they tell you that sets u free...Its the truth YOU KNOW that sets you free...

but you are still cwazy sha.

kay9 said...

@Ada bekee: ''onye dika m''?? Haba, Ada nne, abusing someone on his own blogpage is a cardinal sin in my dictionary o; when dis one start? O dikwa m ''supri-anya-azu''.

kay9 said...

@NuttyJ: c'mon babe, ''shagging'' isn't the only thing i mentioned, is it? Oh well, it all grinds down to whateva floats yo boat i guess.

(mmh, ''grind'', sorta puts u ina shagging state of mind, dunnit? Lol...)

Repressed One said...

lol...xtians are the only ones i know that put sin in categories when God hasn't done so. At the end of the day scripture says...that which condemns you, to you it is Sin!! [paraphrased of cos]

Someone i know says- Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself...U can read any meaning you want to that. lol

kay9 said...

@Rep1: Abeg 10 gbosa for u!!! We shuld hang out some time - i'll tell SugarK to bring the weed.

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