Friday, 12 March 2010

Changing The Lock

Do you know what it feels like 
   Loving someone 
   That’s in a rush to throw you away.
Do you know what it feels like 
   To be the last one to know
   The lock on the door has changed.
                                            - Enrique Iglesias (Do You Know)

Imagine you having to change the lock...

See, it's not her; it's you - and you know it. But how do u explain it all to her without breaking her heart in the process? Cos the honest truth is the spark is gone - where to, you dont know. You are just not into her anymore.

Little insignificant things she does piss you off - things that never used to bother you. Suddenly her dress style isn't appropiate anymore; the topics that interest her sound like trash to you - and you aren't even married yet! You try to act ok, try to carry along, to salvage what you started  - cos instead of love, you are now driven by your sense of duty. But you know she hates dishonesty and its gonna be worse when she finds out.

What makes it so bad is that you had such wonderful times together, such lovely memories... How did you get to this? Or didn't you see all these things before when she was still your Morning Sunshine? And to think she didn't want at first; it was you that went after her - and got her - and now you are dumping her.

Here you are, listening to Enrique's Do You Know, and wondering: "How do i tell her the lock on the door has changed?"


Nutty Jennifer said...

For the sake of what they both shared...and for respect of the feelings she has for the guy, I think he should tell her, as soon as possible. Becos it is unfair to continue the way you described...knowing she is loving and sometimes wondering :''why is he so distant'

Tell her...if I were in her shoes, i'd appreciate the honesty,I'd like to be told immediatly my man starts feeling this himself. I'd like to be spared the stress of guessing/wondering.

kay9 said...

@nutty-j: love your straight-fowardness. But the big Q is HOW does he tell her? How to put it in words?

2cute4u said...

Its so crazy when it gets bad.. so many things start to go wrong and no matter how hard you try,you never seem to get it right..
I don't know If I'd want to be told.. just show me through your actions..
Actually saying those words is humiliating and heartless..(i think..)you can keep the distance without actually saying the words..
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Suru said...

I'm not married but I think this happens in a lot of marriage. People change and sometimes the things you used to like about them is now what really annoys you.

kay9 said...

@2cute: ''actually saying the words is humiliating n heartless...'' My thoughts exactly. If only there was a painless (lol...) way of breaking up.

@Suru: I guess all the hype about love being ''all-conquering'' isn't really true; how else can u still love someone but not wanna b wiv 'em anymore?

Kiite!!! said...

well, seeing as I just came out of dis situation, a lot of times, people just dont get it. I tried to act it, he didnt get it, buh wen i came to a realisation dt he wasnt goin to get it, I told him. Although the distance helped, I ultimately felt better. Guess what Im driving at is even though words arent easy, they are the best vehicles for conveying our thoughts and feelings

kay9 said...

@Kiite: Guess u r right; some peeps dont get it, or choose not to blieve. Cant blame them, tho; its not easy to accept that your love is gone. Thanx 4 stopping by.

Nutty Jennifer said...

Kay9: how about you say something like this:

''...sweetheart, i know for sometime you have been noticing my strange behaviour..I dont know what's going wrong, and I dont want to hurt you cos I respect you and what we share and I love you alot, but darling, I'm no longer in love with you, i dont know how it happened, but i'm saying this bcos our rship has so far been based on honesty, darling can you pls help me, cos I'm really confused about the way I'm feeling and its not fair to you''

PS: if the girl truely loves herself, she wouldnt want him being with her out of pity instead of love, and if they try to work it out and its still not working...she will hurt alot, but still respect him, for not suffering her with all those acts guys use in pushing girls away. just my opinion sha

kay9 said...

@nutty-j: wow, thanx! That's beautifully worded, definitely worth a try. Just hope it won't boomerang. :)

Nutty Jennifer said...

ha ha...if it boomerangs,it doesnt matter, at least he would have gotten it off his mind and in the open

Honesty is still the best policy...even if she breaks his head in the process (lol)

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